The primary method we use for painting is airless spraying, This system can put on a very good thickness of paint or other coating, We specialise in painting on site, crushers, conveyors, mining & tunnelling equipment, so all our airless machines are petrol engine driven, we can spray at a pressure of up to 5000 psi and with the recommended tip size we can virtually spray any type of paint or coating, so we need no extra power, Some of the tasks we use airless for is to administer masonry and emulsion paints to factory interiors to give them a nice clean bright finish and also we spray rendered buildings, A lot easier than trying to use a brush or a roller, So put your brushes/rollers away and give us a call today, We also use conventional air spraying methods for lorry chassis & bodywork, Small plant etc, For this we have diesel driven compressors, so we are fully self contained.

Airless painting building56

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